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The Giants draft record under Marc Ross

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Since a lot of people have mentioned his name as a GM canidate I thought I'd recap his draft record. Bold are quality picks, regular text is depth/backup players, grey is an outright bust. The last two drafts it's really too early to tell on many of them.


1st (31 overall) - Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

2nd (63 overall) - Terrell Thomas, CB, USC

3rd (95 overall) - Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

4th (123 overall) - Bryan Kehl, LB, BYU

5th (165 overall) - Jonathan Goff, LB, Vanderbilt

6th (198 overall) - Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

6th (199 overall) - Robert Henderson, DE, Southern Miss


1st (29 overall) - Hakeem Nicks, WR, UNC

2nd (45 overall) - Clint Sintim, LB, Virginia

2nd (60 overall) - William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

3rd (85 overall) - Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly

3rd (100 overall) - Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin

4th (129 overall) - Andre Brown, RB, NC State

5th (151 overall) - Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State

6th (200 overall) - DeAndre Wright, CB, New Mexico

7th (238 overall) - Stoney Woodson, CB, South Carolina


1st (15 overall) - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida

2nd (46 overall) - Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina

3rd (76 overall) - Chad Jones, S, LSU

4th (115 overall) - Phillip Dillard, LB, Nebraska

5th (147 overall) - Mitch Petrus, OG, Arkansas

6th (184 overall) - Adrian Tracy, LB, William & Mary

7th (221 overall) - Matt Dodge, P, East Carolina


1st (19 overall) - Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

2nd (52 overall) - Marvin Austin, DT, UNC

3rd (83 overall) - Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy

4th (117 overall) - James Brewer, OT, Indiana

6th (185 overall) - Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State

6th (198 overall) - Tyler Sash, S, Iowa

6th (202 overall) - Jacquian Williams, LB, South Florida

7th (221 overall) - Da'Rel Scott, RB, Maryland


1st (32 overall) - David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech

2nd (63 overall) - Rueben Randall, WR, LSU

3rd (94 overall) - Jayron Hosely, CB, Virginia Tech

4th (127 overall) - Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati

4th (131 overall) - Brandon Mosely, OT, Auburn

6th (201 overall) - Matt McCants, OT, UAB

7th (239 overall) - Markus Kuhn, DT, NC State

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I like Ross' potential as a GM. I would be fantastic to get some young blood in the front office for a change. Considering where the Giants usually pick, (middle to bottom of the draft) I think his drafts are pretty damn good.

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Chad Jones should have an asterisk imo, he was in a bad car accident, and suffered serious leg injuries, that took away his NFL career....

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Guest Bwood

Baltimore's DeCosta is a better drafter, but would be much too hard to pry from the Raven's.

Ross has definitely hit on some good players. Don't forget about Victor Cruz.

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I don't care about this dude or his draft history at all... IF* he succeeds Hurney then I'll dig this gem of a thread up at that time. Until then, this is a waste of time

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Until then, this is a waste of time

Much like reading your posts

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Much like reading your posts

At least I keep it real and don't change my name Raging Bull... Your name may have changed but the poo that you post is just the same

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