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Just got bit by a Black Mamba while on my roof...

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Strange that you should mention it. I was just reading something here yesterday about someone cleaning out their gutters and realized it had been awhile since I had checked mine.

It was getting late and the sun was going down, but I figured it wouldn't take long and with the mega storm on the way why take chances and wait, right? So I grabbed a ladder and flashlight and headed up to the roof.

Well guess what, I wasn't on the roof a minute when I was bit by Bela Lugosi and get this, he was wearing a black cape too! What are the chances?


Now I'm feeling a little lightheaded. Not sure what to do next. Thoughts?

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Who hasnt been bitten by the black mamba???? Just eat some food dude you will come down.

I tried eating a bag of Dorito's but my tongue has swollen up to the size of a small volkswagon. I'm beginning to think I should try another message board.

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Ok, just tried the Laker's message board, and they are 50% certain it wasn't Kobe. But I'm growing suspicious as I have just found a Laker's jersey in my storm drain. I may have to contact the police.

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