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Mr. Brightside to the rescue..

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Everyone take a deep breath.. even though the storm of the century is bearing down on us (no pun intended), the worst part of our stormy schedule has passed..

Look at what we have left..

@WASH - I live here in VA and get to listen to Skins fans all day.. their Defense is atrocious right now, covered in injury. The absolute funniest thing is that Fans are calling to run out of the "dreaded option" more and more. our defense should not have a big a problem with it

DEN - probably the only one of 2 real tough games left.. but we are at home for both

TB - home revenge for that surprise at beginning of season. @ home with no more option plays :)

@PHI - they are even in worse shape than us right now.. talking about pulling Vick for the rookie they just drafted

@KC - another pitiful team that is starting Jimmy Clausen.. i mean, Brady Quinn.. they just lost to Oakland... nuff said

ATL - the Other tough game left on schedule

@SD - just. lost. to. Cleveland.

OAK - they are Oakland

@NO - worst defense in league history.

I can safely say we will go 7-2 with the remainding games and be 8-8. Now, if this is a good thing or bad thing to be 8-8 is the question.

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No game is given for this team. These threads suck.

we just went through a gauntlet..

to be in those games against those teams at the end proves that we can play-

but it also proves that we have to get out sh!t together in the 4th quarter..

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9 games left, we are the Panthers and this is the NFL. I'm thinking at best we go 5-4 given the current product regardless of the opponents.

I think we're looking at a 4-12 or 5-12 season folks.

Go Panthers!!

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All depends on the coaching. It's worth its weight in gold.

We have the talent to beat the best teams in the NFL right now but without the proper leadership, I wouldn't be surprised with a loss at KC to be honest.

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