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Does Peter King know something we don't?

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The kid is in his SECOND season! He's played good, but not great. There have been a number of dropped balls that were very catchable, and Steve Smith has slipped on the turf more times this year than I can remember in his entire career. We have a LOT of issues on our team right now.

Anyone that says he's on his way out at this stage in the game is delusional. Sure, everyone should have good competition, but with the current salary cap and the price tags of some of the must-have players on everyone's rosters, sinking a bunch of money into backup QBs just isn't realistic. That's why we have Derek Anderson and Jimmy Clausen. Besides, good backup QBs don't stay backups for long. There's not a backup QB in the NFL with anywhere close to the talent Newton possesses. It's up to the coaching staff to harness, focus and utilize it. They did it last year, what's different this year???

Newton is still a kid, like it or not. He needs veteran leadership to take his cues from, and I don't see any discernable leadership on this team right now, at least among active players. He's got the tools, and he deserves more than one season to learn how to maximize them.

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''Does Peter King know something we dont?''

Heres a couple of things he "knows" that we dont.

#10 - The acess code to his rape dungeon.

#9 - The kiddie porn sites not monitored by the FBI

#8 - Sanduskies pants size.

#7 - Chud is racist. ( Well I know that but you guys dont)

#6 - That his wife has been having an affair with the pool boy.

#5 - That he is having an affair with the pool boy.

#4 - Sometimes he likes to dress up like like Tony Romo and pleasure himself to reruns of saved by the bell.

#3 - Panthro is his Nephew.

#2 - Genital warts are for life.

And the number 1 thing that Peter King knows that we dont.......Drumroll please........

- The legal age of consent for Man Boy love in eastern Maylaysia.

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well the panthers are kind of starting to look like al davis' raiders from an organizational standpoint so you do have something there.

That's not really fair to anyone not named Jerry Richardson. There were a lot of good people in the Panthers organization, Marty Hurney included.

Richardson is becoming the man he hated...Al Davis.

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I am not comparing their on the field performance, but the player Cam Newton reminds me most of in terms of personality is Ryan Leaf.

They are both over the top egomanic jerks with absolute zero leadership skills.

JR interviewed Newton prior to drafting him. He wanted to know such things as if Cam planned on growing out his hair or getting tattoos. JR actually asked Newton these questions...he said so during an interview with Charlie Rose.

If you think JR is happy with Newton's sulking and indolent, disengenious press conferences, you are dead wrong.

If this were a question simply of Newton's poor play as a typical second year player, there would be no question Newton would not yet be in potential trouble and he would have a very long rope indeed. But this is not the case.

JR is old school with a capital OLD SCHOOL.

He also knows a lot about football. He has to be pleased with certain aspects of this teams performance.

You have to wonder, after the sacking of Hurney, if he, at his age, is willing to roll the dice that the new "face of his franchise" is going to suddenly undergo a personality transformation and become a team leader and a consistant performer.

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I feel bad for anyone who is not on board with Cam, hes going to be here for the next 10 years. When was the last time a team let go of a young franchise QB?

The question is "who is cam". He is/was the first qb I have cared for since Beurlein and is not playing to his rookie level at all. It's not all him but he needs to improve at this point just to get to where he started out at. There is no debating that imo

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Guest Super_Freak

Ryan Leaf? Naa, more like Jeff George. Great skills but an immature jerk who was all about himself.

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I used to huff glue too, you gotta get off that sh!t man its no bueno.

it's a great comparison if you ignore the fact that ryan leaf didn't care at all about winning, had no work ethic, and had meltdowns in front of the media that make cam's worst moments look like he invited everybody back to his condo for pizza and beer.

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