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Israel Bombs Iranian Missile base in Sudan - Iran mobilizes Navy

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 12:20 PM

There are only like 16 million jews in the world. If 30% of Russia was jewish, there would be 50 million jews in Russia alone.

I did know that a large percentage of Israel was Jewish though. My girlfriends sister went to med-school in Israel and most of her classmates were Russian. Most of her classes were also taught in Russian.

233,000 Jews in Russia as of 2002.... .0016% of the population





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Posted 31 October 2012 - 01:19 PM

233k my ass... they fuging everywhere in Russia. I'm a part jew as well but I'm not considered to be jewish but I can easily get a visa to israel and become citizen within few years.

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:23 PM

Yeah! Or the U.S. Going to war in Iraq! or Viet Nam!


Wow, you totally missed the point of that post. Went right over your head.
So I will spell it out for you.

Israel and Iran have relatively small populations, with a lot of land owned by other nations between them. Neither country has the logistical capability to launch any kind of real war against the other. Nor do they have the industrial capability to build that logistical structure anytime soon. So the thought of them going to war would be like North Carolina and Oregon going to war, (if North Carolina and Oregon were actual countries that could go to war). Because they have a lot of geography between them without the capability to cover that ground in any fashion that would allow sustained combat operations.

If I had said Texas and Rhode Island, that would be a more valid comparison to the US and Iraq, because Texas would actually enough logisitical capability to go after Rhode Island if they came to blows.

This is not going to cause World War III. The US is not going to get involved if Israel decides on its own to attack Iranian WMD facilities. And if the US decides at some point to attack Iranian WMD's, Israel will not be militarily involved because we don't need them. And none of the nations like China or Russia are going to help Iran because neither of those countries care enough about Iran to come to blows with the US over them, and neither country has the ability to provide any immediate assistance anyway, unless they want to use Nukes (and neither nation is currently that suicidal).

This is going to be just like all the other "oh no, here we go" post about Iran that have occurred here over the past several years. Much ado about mostly nothing. It is an interesting event, and Israel may indeed eventually go after Iranian weapons sites, but this is not a tipping point for WWIII.