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I want your honest opinion...

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LA_Panther    1,183

When this season started I was not thinking Superbowl, but I really believed we would make the playoffs.

The Tampa game was the 1st red flag. Not to take anything away from Tampa's D, but that was not the Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks/Lynch etc... defense. But they shut us down. I was alarmed, but I chalked it up as 1st game of the season and these things happen.

The game against the Giants was when reality set in for me. The Giants had so many key injuries, went on the road and straight up embarassed us. I knew we were a bad team at that point.

I didn't think the falcons game would be close, but it was, and we gave it away. The same thing happened with Seattle, and at that point it hit me. Years of watching football tell me that not being able to finish games you should have won is usually either inexperince or lack of coaching. We don't have any shortage of veterans on this team, so at that point I realized that we are a team with talent coaches by a staff that is learning on the job.

The future is bright. I truly beleive we will get to a point where we will be a good team and win games we had no business winning. This team and its coaching staff can do great things, but the NFL is an impatient league and they better turn it around quick. Hurney's firing was the 1st warning to this staff.

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Way Truth Life    103

The fact that the Panthers are in every game except the Giants game says how great our players are and shitty our coaches are. We lose 4th quarter leads in almost every game. That's all coaching.

The best example of why are players are great is the Dallas game and then the Chicago game. In the Dallas game we ran that shitty college offense and nearly beat the Cowgirls. In the Chicago game we ran a hard nosed run attack with slants and long passes, the offense we should have been running the entire year and nearly beat the Bears. Both games came down to poor 4th quarters, poor play calls and turnovers that would have never happened if a responsible coach who knew his ass from a hole in the ground was making the calls.

We need a new coaching staff badly along with a 2nd WR and a couple DBs.....with those additions we are a playoff team hands down.

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L-TownCat    12,203

Have you thought about an Exorcism?

I may not be as excited as I was during Training Camp. I am however, still excited about the future. It may not be enough to heal the dead, but it works for me.

I'm not sure an exorcism would work. However I do know that a few wins would help me pull out of this sandtrap.

Right now the cats suck with nothing more than pipe dreams and an Obama style hope for change. We are stuck in a wait till next year buffalo style mentality.

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Lumps    1,678

I laughed at several statements you made. Unlike some other losers in this thread, trying to be cute.

And I also applaud you for having an opinion. Most people seem to be scared shitless to have one.

So you come in here and tell no one to give an opinion of you and then turn your own thread to a poo one in less than 10 posts by thinking poeple should be bothered by your opinion of them?

The OP is one of those posters who is not looking for opinions (by evidence of calling them wrong/incorrect/have no point). He is looking to tell everyone they are wrong and make no sense or do not have valid points (which come from opinions how?).

Typical condescending, make up for small penis, anger issues, 'always need to be right' ego, BS from pantherclaw. Similar to P55 before he wised up and became a good poster. You must be a very lonley person.

All the points ya numbers, I agree with.

But they are not a reason for overly high expectations.

You haven't made a single point, to backup over rated expectations.

Try again.

Just use this as a response to every fool who posts.


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iamhubby1    3,047

Gotta admit the OP came up with a new way to pass the time.

Make a thread asking for opinions. Then spend the rest of the thread trashing everyones opinion. Good work if you can get it.

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