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Why Cameron Newton must win Tomorrow

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This game is a must win for Cameron Newton. Lets face it RG3 is the new media darling he's nice, he's polite, and he always says the right things. Robert Griffin is a nice guy and I hate him. RG3 was the medias chance at redemption after the Cam Newton will be a bust thing went out of style. After Cam's spectacular rookie year the media needed someone they could compare to Cam they needed a better version and so the RG3 hype was born. Tomorrow Cameron Newton needs to remind the world that he did it first, that he is still the most dynamic player in the NFL. If Carolina loses tomorrow big deal we aren't going to make the playoffs anyway and a loss only improves our draft standing. Win or lose and Ron Rivera is still gone after the season. A loss for Cam and it takes a major hit to his legacy and his endorsements. This game is about RG3 vs Ace Boogie make no doubt about it. If Cameron Newton walks off of that field without a victory the media will erupt and the RG3 parade will commence. RG3 is already on the record saying he wants to be compared to a winner. Say what you may but that's a shot at Cam anyway you slice it. He's also said that this game isn't about him vs Cam but he's saying this because he knows that's exactly what it is. The two most compared qbs in the league today. Tomorrow we will find out a lot about our quarterback because he has a lot to prove. A win tomorrow and silence your critics no more RG3 is so much better than Cam Newton. Cam needs to play with a chip on his shoulder like he has something to prove because he damn sure does.

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