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RG3 (Legit Thread)

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Did not know that both of his parents retired from the military. His dad was very instrumental in his success from such a young age.

I heard in a commercial that his parents were Military so I googled it and ran across a very very good article on him and his parents.

It makes a lot of sense to me why he's so good in his interviews... I have been one of his most vocal critics on this forum, and I thought that his handlers were feeding him the right things to say. Boy was I wrong! Not only that, but the article has now made me a fan of RG3. Who woulda thought that??

I encourage anyone who's not familiar with his story to read the article. Ill be pulling for him in the future, except when he plays the Panthers of course.

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    • This is a hypothetical scenario that maybe should be taken into consideration going into the draft in April.  What part of the team would suffer the most if they lost a key player on the respective side? - If we lose Greg Olsen to injury how much of a drop off is their on offense -If we lose a Safety, DE, or LB how much of a drop off is their on defense -Personally I think the offense would loose basically 1/5 of the production and with no real depth to make an impact.
    • I used to hold out hope, but I think that it's become obvious that the organization really doesn't him like that. He worked very hard to put on a little muscle and refine his game before the past season, but still didn't get any real play, despite those in front of him playing lackluster ball. Throw in the fact that we've added another couple of suspect receivers and are searching for upgrades via the draft, I just don't believe that they believe Byrd is that guy. 
    • How about u educate yourself before being ignorant?