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Wasnt really all that impressed with Bob Griffin yesterday.

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 11:18 AM

I hadn't realized truly to the extent that Washington goes to coddle him.

From a statistical standpoint, he threw the ball 39 times, for a grand total of 215 yards. Most every single one of his passes were short dunkers that typically came off play action, rolling out, or some other QB assist.

He looked frantic in the pocket, even way before we turned the heat up on him, and this hall of fame caliber accuracy that the media has raged on about with him wasn't there.

It really wasn't any different than playing Russell Wilson.

Overall Grits sucks, so do the Redskins, and it's clear the Colts made the right choice and I wouldn't be surprised if Bob's Subway deal falls through within three years.

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 11:33 AM

I felt overall RG3 was the worst QB we've played all year. He didn't make any big plays to change the course of the game. He seems to be in a rut and is having his style dictated by opposing defensive coordinators. Really easy to beat a team when their QB does exactly what you want.

He had chance after chance late in the game but kept holding the ball too long or missing his checkdowns by overthrowing receivers who were three yards away.

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 11:55 AM

He will bust. Washington is an old & talent depleted team that doesn't have a 1st rd pick until 2015.

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 11:11 PM

when he did go deep the WR's couldn't hold on to the passes, I still think for the most part is pretty accurate passer, our Dline did get a ton of pressure on him, maybe that was the reason for his inaccuracies.

Watching him play the Saints he had them on their heels early on with the bubble screen passes, and once he in his groove he made some real nice throws downfield.

I'm glad our Panthers came away with the win, funny thing is, WASH was our 2nd win of the year last season......

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 07:28 AM

He definitely didn't look good, but its hard to say how much of that is him, and how much of that is the team around him. Washington must not have much faith in their wide receivers because it seemed to me he rarely threw a pass more than 5-10 yards. Which would seem to indicate he is nothing like Cam. Cam is extremely accurate on the deep stuff, but struggles in the short passing game. Griffin's short passes were always on target. Didn't see hiim throw many deep balls, so I am not sure how accurate he is on that. Their running style is very different as well. Griffin accelerates faster, but is relatively easy to bring down once a tackler gets his hand on him. Cam is not that quick first step wise, but is hard to bring down and fast once he gets going. They really are nothing alike and shouldn't be compared to one another.

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 07:39 AM

Before we write off rg3, lets keep in mind that his o-line is horrible, and that right now he's throwing to the likes of josh Morgan, Logan paulsen, niles Paul, and Aldrick Robinson.

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 04:12 PM

Josh Morgan had about 4 drops alone. Truth be told, our dline had something to do with it. I think RG3 is pretty damn good.

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I Mean He Was Found Guilty

    so this site thinks jerry jones is a good owner now i guess

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 05:09 PM

having watched several of griffin's games over the past few weeks it seems like they're keeping things pretty automatic in the passing game. he doesn't seem to have many reads on most of his dropbacks with most of them being quick hitters off three step drops which limits the amount of time pressure has to get there. of course, if you do what we did and jam their receivers and have a front four that's just dickslapping their offensive line all day, that can easily go out the window. griffin looked outright uncomfortable at times when he had to hang in the pocket.

the redskins are not really running a lot of truly vertical passing plays but when they choose to it doesn't look like griffin has the kind of cannon that cam or other archetypal strong-armed quarterbacks have. of course, as others have pointed out, griffin is going to make his money as a west coast offense precision passer working the grass between the sticks so that may not really matter a whole lot in the long run.

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 08:22 AM

We make excuses out the ass when Cam plays like poo. The redskins are awful as well and there is a long list of excuses one can make for RG3. That said, Luck is clearly much better.

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 03:02 PM

He looks really tiny, especially compared to cam

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 04:15 PM

Today vs. division rival Eagles

14-15 (93.3%), 200 yards, 4 TDs, 11 rushes, 85 yards 158.3 QB rating.

Might've sewed Rookie Of The Year up with today's performance. Bob is very accurate.

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 04:57 PM

He has nice stats but I'd give the ROTY to Andrew Luck. He's playing in meaningful games and putting up gritty performances. Colts leading the Patriots atm.