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It's a bit late, but...

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The Win was great.

The Redskins game was the first game I've ever attended, and I'm only ever gonna really get to talk about my first game with it being so fresh in the mind once -

but it was awesome.

I've lived in D.C all my life, in a family of Redskins fans. When I was a little kid, before I was ever into football, I went over to a cousins house and played Madden with him. Randomly picked the Panthers to play with.

Been a die hard fan since. (Bad story but that's how it happened.)

Went to the game last Sunday with my dad who's a skins fan and forced him to stay till the very last minute. Took a ton of sh*t from skins fans heading in with my jersey on, At one point in the game, there was this lady behind me screaming about "Cam Newton, RGIII wannabee" - Cam proceeded to throw a TD pass to Smitty on the play after.And let me tell you, the absolute droves of skins fans leaving all at once when RGIII got sacked on their second to last drive (if I recall correctly) was great.

Anyways, not going to bore you guys anymore, just wanted to share something a bit positive, I suppose.

Go Panthers.

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Glad you had a badass time at the Redskins "homecoming". I would have loved to see their faces as Cam showed his superiority over Bob

Don't think I've ever heard so much butthurt at once.

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Yeah, don't really understand how people forget simple things like that. Everytime I saw someone in a Carolina jersey, I wondered if they were from the huddle haha. I don't have many posts, but I've been roaming here for years.

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