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Bwood    190

Quit quoting me to, and you messaged me calling me a idiot. If somebody disagrees with you, your only defense is to start calling names and insults. Seriously, keep it up man and I'll just keep reporting you until something is done. Your best bet is not to respond to any of my post, like my first one on this thread was not directed to you personally. Some reason you make it personal and doing so to me and others, it will get your ass banned and deleted. I thought Zod made it perfectly clear, no personal attacks, play by the rules or leave.

You're psychotic man...you do this every time, say I messaged you a bunch and I insult you web I do neither. I hadn't responded to this thread in a whole day and then you can out of a nowhere asking for attention. I said stop quoting me a long time ago so don't get it twisted.

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CPcavedweller    1,291

Well. Now we know you are all pot heads. I'm 7 months removed from my 14 hours a day 7 day a week toking. Short term memory and in effect long term memory are for sure affected. It's hard to argue that. I feel like I'm still regaining normal function all this time later.

But I'm off probation soon so no worries, ill spark up a doob for good times sake and a panthers domination the last half of this season!


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