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Vote Rid Wrap Up for 2012

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Hey Republicans. When you take all that power the public gave you in 2010 and use it for only two things: abortion laws and voter ID laws, here's what to expect.

1, Theres a good chance the crap you are passing is illegal.

2. When you pass these things, you basically piss off women and minorities. In some cases, you piss off enough people that they want to do things like start voter registration drives.

3. When you elect people that told folks they'd be fighting for jobs and instead focus on abortion, there's a good chance said elected person or candidate is going to be kind of nutty on the subject and say stupid things, which in turn aids point number 2 in motivating women and minorities to vote.

In our case this year, you all shot yourselves in the foot completely, because not only were you unsuccessful overall in enacting your new laws to suppress votes, just passing them increased turnout against you. And even though you may have had some luck with the less early voting hours/way too long lines at the polls thing, well, our President made a point to help fix THAT item as well.

So in the end. although I really have been harping about this for a long time. it's great to know that the results of your efforts were not even needed and I look forward to more of the same as you convince yourselves once again that you need to nominate a REAL conservative next time and for sure you'll win!

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