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Official Broncos at Panthers Gameday Thread...

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TheMaulClaw    1,395

It's posters like you that are an embarrasment to the fanbase. When our coaches and coordinators suck, our young QB doesn't have much help at all. That's why I said he's only part to blame. Until he gets the right coaching, hard to say he can't be a franchise QB.

You're actually the problem with the fan base. The guys make a perfectly reasonable post and you try to blast his opinions. Cam is a problem, not the problem...a problem.

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TheMaulClaw    1,395

This whole fuging team blows, from the top to the fugin bottom. Blow this bitch up now! The QB is suspect, o line ain't worth a fug. Defense ain't poo either, better than last year, but damn it's almost the same poo every game.

They're actually worse then last year honestly.

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