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Getting pretty damn old

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LinvilleGorge    14,389

It truly is absurd. Does Rivera ever chew the refs out? I've never seen it. I don't think they have ANY respect for him or us and why would they? We just sit there and take it.

There have been several times this season when I would've had to have been physically restrained by my assistants from going after a ref if I was Rivera. Those missed blocks in the back and fumble through the endzone would've had me teetering on the brink, then that bullshit pass interference on Murphy would've sent me over the edge. I would've put the fear of god in the refs after that one.

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You guys are pretty ridiculous, maybe if the players ACTUALLY DID THEIR JOB!!!! you wouldn't have to worry about the refs screwing you. EVERYONE in the NFL has to deal with bad calls, we are no different.

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