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I haven't doubted Newton even once since the Pre Season during his rookie year. I hope that I'm completely wrong about this, but I'm starting to have my doubts again. I know its not his fault, well all his fault. Play calling plays a factor, hodge podge o line doesn't help... But his accuracy is just not there, and playing Manning really makes you realize that he's for a long way to go. Yes it's an unfair comparison to compare Cam to Manning but still...

Before now, I've always thought that his side line demeanor and all the hoopla was just that.. BS white noise... BUT now I'm really starting to question him... Not only that but we as a fan base have missed a lot of Big Red Flags from our own players. I think we're guilty of giving him a free pass, and we are wrong for that.

I hope that he starts getting more involved with his line and other team mates while on the sidelines... I hope he matures and becomes what we all want and hunk he can be. I'd hate to see such talent go to waste... We have seen it before but from afar with many QB's... I don't want to experience that first hand.

I don't think I'm tripping because we just lost. Our D played phenomenally... Minus the TD given up late. Gotta tip your hats to their D as well... I just have a really ominous feeling about this... And I hope that I'm wrong. Meh... This sucks

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I'd be lying I said, that it didn't bother me

You know, because of, I think

He created a, like with the mistakes that he has made in his life

That you know, He created a picture of him.

That's, is not him

You know, He did a lot of things when he was young

That he is not proud of but

I think those things helped him, be the man that he is now

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Qb in his second year not as accurate as Peyton Manning is expected. When we run a more pro style offense Cam seems to play well so does the team. (see our first TD drive) Then Chud goes full retard and the entire offense suffers. I will reserve my opinions until I see a new coaching staff. Show me 25 touches for our backs and see how Cam does.

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