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I am convinced Charlotte is only about 20% Panther fans

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When the fuggin Broncos almost outnumber panther fans, that is fugging sad. This funk that started with the Cardinal playoff loss has got to end now. I met more Bronco fans yesterday with no ties what so ever to Denver or Colorado. Just random assholes from Raleigh, Wilmington, etc claiming diehard fan status.

I met two complete idiots from Columbia, SC that were Broncos fans. I just didn't understand it.

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why would you cheer for the panthers when you could be a patriots, cowboys, or steelers frontrunner and be surrounded by other fans just like you?

i mean how else do people with no ties to the area become fans? and i mean people my age (mid 20s), not people who were adults before we got the panthers. i know people who cheer for the blue devils in basketball, patriots in football, and new york yankees in baseball. how else could that happen?

See these types of fans too many times. I am a Tar Heel fan but I'm a Braves, Tarheel football, and Panthers fan and Bobcats fan. I've only met one person that's liked the same teams I've liked or like.

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Converted the wife, got the children on the Panther path, will be in Charlotte this weekend for the game and have panther sticker on truck and a panther flag mounted to the house...............also, several vehicles in my area with Panther helmets! A slow but sure process, but winning would help

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Your logic doesn't really make sense.... all you need do is turn it around now that you don't live here and the Panthers suck, yo have free rein to pull for any team you want.

I'm a believer that you support your local team, just as you support your local businesses. I was a lifelong Raider fan until I moved to NC and 18 months later announced an NFL franchise was on the way, and that was before the Raiders went into the toilet so it's not like I was dumping a crappy team.

Most of the people where I live are Redskin fans because "they were the only team around..." But Charlotte is 2.5 hours away and DC is about 4.5 hours, so why not switch? Both teams suck hugely, but one is closer than the other.

That's all fine and great, but if I started cheering for the G-Men I'd be laughed off this board.

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We are a new franchise and we won't have total loyalty until our kids grow up Panthers fans. It takes time.

Tell this to the Texans and Ravens fans.

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