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Best Buy ruined my weekend...

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 12:42 AM

WorstBuy....after I had to escalate some promo offers to a manager, I was done with them. They ran the promos, knew nothing about them in store, then accused me of trying to scam them. When I got angry, the manager said Id have to leave the store or shed call the police. I never said one cuss word only loudly voiced how incompetent they were.

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 01:28 AM

Thing is... I spent $100 on panthers tickets so I completely missed the game yesterday.

Trust me, it would've been an even worse weekend if you were able to see the game live

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 01:47 AM

I moved to my new home this Saturday and everything went smooth until Best Buy fuged everything up. I bought fridge, drier, washer, and 55' tv from best buy almost 2 months ago and delayed by delivery to this past Saturday. Best Buy warehouse person called on Friday night and told to expect delivery around 10am. So I'm sitting in my house with no tv or food and waiting and waiting... Its 12pm so I call Best Buy and lady tells me my stuff is in transit and should arrive shortly. So I continue to wait and wait... Its 4pm and I'm hungry as hell... I called back Best Buy and asked their customer service rep what the heck is going on... He said warehouse manager will cal me soon... I was like ok. So Best Buy warehouse managers calls me back and tells me that one of my family members cancelled my delivery with them on Friday... I exploded... I live by my fuging self... There are no other family members... He was lying to my face after he completely screwed my whole day up. I yelled at his and called him a liar, he said they won't be able to deliver my stuff until mid next week... I was like wtf? I ordered 60 days ago so I told him I'm going back to best buy and getting a refund and I will buy all this stuff hhgregg across the street... Its 7k worth of stuff. He freaked and said he can deliver this stuff to my house at 12pm on Sunday... Only date that available... I agreed. Thing is... I spent $100 on panthers tickets so I completely missed the game yesterday. I'm also Best Buy silver member... I'm not spending another penny over there. The only reason I went through is because I need appliances bad. Btw, the fridge I paid $3k for came in faulty so I had to go back to best buy and they said they can't help me so I had to call manufacturer today to order parts for my brand new fridge. So that was my weekend...

Did this ruin your weekend? Or was it me beating you in fantasy football?

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 02:18 AM

There is no customer service anymore as companies seek cheap labor instead. That's why I order everything I can online.




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Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:58 AM

I honestly could of care less about fantasy football at this time, Bwood...

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 12:39 PM

see, I actually sort of like when these kinds of things happen at my house. My darling wife would have turned that screwed up weekend into a minimum 25% discount, and probably a free blueray player or something else...she's the bomb at getting free poo when others screw up!

that said, I hate ordering poo. If I'm out shopping and you don't have it in stock...I'm out the door.

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 01:21 PM

Hit them where it hurts. Go on a PR crusade and post your story via Twitter, Facebook and even file a complaint with the BBB.

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:57 PM

The Panthers ruined my weekend.....yet again.

I would have swapped places with ya, and gave you my seats for nothing.

And my 2nd career after the Navy was a manager for a big box retailer, I can tell you right now if you yell loud and long enough with a couple well-placed letters, half your stuff will be refunded. I just retired last year and still know enough people to make things happen.... it wasn't Best Buy, though, sorry.

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 07:02 PM

your home is cursed


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Posted 13 November 2012 - 07:26 PM

Piece of advice for all NC peeps. Record all these conversations and make them a youtube sensation. We can record without the other side knowing they are being recorded in our state. Embarrass them and you might get free stuff.

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 10:59 PM

Best buy is just for Vidja games and maybe small peripherals.




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Posted 13 November 2012 - 11:09 PM

My poor home is getting blamed for everything...

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 11:30 PM

Best Buy, lol.