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Refs blew call on TD punt return!

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Didn't find this any where and found it very interesting.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- The NFL said the 76-yard punt return by Denver's Trindon Holliday against Carolina on Sunday should have been ruled a touchback, not a touchdown.

Here is link to whole article in Yahoo. Our MoJo is out of whack can't get a break.


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During the Ron Rivera presser, he mentions that he sent inquires to the league about the blown call and few more blown calls on the return.

Pretty much there was at least two block in the backs and the fumble that went out of bounds in the endzone and no off it was called.

Im so sick of getting hit with bad calls or no calls.

Last night I was watching the Bears vs Texas game and Brandon Marshall was getting away with pushing off on every passing play without getting called for OPI. But Champ makes contact with Murphy and Murphy gives him a small push and its called, Murphy was far beyond 5 yards, it should have been illegal contact. I noticed during the Falcons game that the REFs let Roddy White get away with that crap all game also..

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This has been posted in the game day thread and probably 4 others.

Oh and if you watched the game on tv, were at the game, or were not living under a rock you knew this as well....

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