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My thoughts on North Korea

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We know that Kim is a bit of an ego maniac and the recent firing of rockets and test of a-bombs only prooves that. The problem here of course is that the man is an obvious sociopath who is playing with some big toys now.

So what can the major powers do?

Ignore him, and you only encourage him to try harder to get the attention he seeks from the rest of the world, and the only thing he could do to one-up himself is a nuclear strike.

Punish him, but not destroy him, and you only damage the ego making his reaction necessarily stronger...which means a nuclear strike.

Destroy him, and you give credit to an equally extremist nation such as Iran to develop their own weapons and hold the world in a bit of a Polish standoff which can only end in, you guessed it, a nuclear strike.

We aren't dealing with rational folks willing to play by the rules. What should be done?

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