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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to eliminate 950 jobs

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No...those were regulated out a while back UNLESS the doctor is giving a speech/active participant in the function of the conference. I used to be able to go with my wife (FNP) to dinners/events for pharma presentations. They, government, cut that out. Once watched a video on toenail fungus while eating at Second Empire. Pretty cool. Doctors, especially the old ones, are going to leave practice. Fortunately for us, you're going to be seeing a LOT more PAs and NPs in the near future.

Were they now?

And those ^ are the legal ones


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    • Was the reason I originally started watching the NFL and the Panthers and got me as obsessed as I am today.  Will forever be my favorite player. Wasn't always a role model but he's grown up a lot. He's a great father, family man, and I'd put his heart and will up against anyone's. 
    • I know the ACA only tenders subsidies up to 400% above the poverty level.  If you are on the border line you might want to consider,  am I doing better by working more hours or not ?
    • I'm glad peppers is back, but I really feel like we are going to be doing something special this year and i want smitty to be a part of it. he needs to at least finish his career here, but i think he's got a toughness and a fire that we need to get back. no more mr. nice guy. we tried that. this team, for whatever, isn't liked around the league, esp. among fans and the media and there's no amount of good things we can do to change that perception. we need to own it and be the next team that everyone hates, but can't deny the power of. We have the potential to be the next dynasty. I'm not sold that rivera is the one to lead that unless he goes 100% back to being riverboat and never regresses (which i am not counting on). I don't want us to cheat, but I do want us to be that team that will punch you in the face if you dare get in our way and then dance over you when we've gotten to our goal.   btw, the change in celebration rules kind of sets the stage nicely for a smitty return. he can show these young ones how it's done.