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Anyone here concerned with Cam's future (next year)?

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#109 Rubi


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 08:53 PM

What does male seamen taste like?

I don't think it's spelled seamen...

I hope the response is..
"Ask your mom"

#110 TheGreatestOfAllTimeCam


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 08:56 PM

BWood has to be like a 15 year old kid whose living in a home that just got Internet.

I remember my first beer!

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Posted 21 November 2012 - 09:44 PM

BWood has to be like a 15 year old kid whose living in a home that just got Internet.

I remember my first beer!

Yeah it must be obvious since I refer to my self as "Cams nut hugger" and the only time I ever post is to either bash my favorite player or talk about uniforms/other fashion topics.


#112 I Mean He Was Found Guilty

I Mean He Was Found Guilty

    so this site thinks jerry jones is a good owner now i guess

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Posted 21 November 2012 - 10:34 PM

I guess most of you dont see the writing on the wall, are we winning??????
Cam is a LOOOOSER, Vince Young all the way,
He can run, lol pleeeeease trade his sorry ass,

another "quarterbacks win games by themselves" poster to add to the list

or did you mean something else by juxtaposing "the writing on the wall" with your original question???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 07:40 AM


Posted Image

In the future, it would be wise of you not to question the intelligence of others when, time and time again, you've proven your own is certainly in question.

and you still haven't responded to the posts that prove you to be an ill-informed idiot.

Oh my...you found a spelling error in my post. I am posting on an iPhone with a keyboard so small that a 5 yo's fingers are too big.

As for questioning my intelligence, good luck.

I have more college degrees than you probably have teeth.

I scored over 1500 on the SAT, was accepted to West Point, have two undergraduate degrees, have two graduate degrees, finished my MBA at the top of my class with a 4.0, and am a VP with a Fortune 500 company making a shitload of money. So yeah,, go ahead and match your short bus education and double digit IQ with that.

This should be amusing.

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 09:35 AM

If JR handcuffs the new GM it will be the same ole same ole for the Panthers.

Exactly......We do not want a Jerry Jones-Al Davis type situation here in Carolina.That would be curtains for this franchise,no doubt.