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MNF Prediction....

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If foles plays we will win.

If Vick plays we will lose.

Pre-game talk on Monday Night countdown will be dominated by "are Cam and Vick coach killers" type stuff. Gross.

what about Gross?

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Marguide    3,356

We'll have a 21 point lead with 5 minutes left in the 4th and blow the game by playing prevent D and leaving receivers wide open while Chud calls Cam to run it up the middle every play causing three and outs every time and the Eagles score 3 TDs and win with a 2 point conversion in less than 4 and a half minutes.

That's a perfect situation for prevent defense. The key is, you rush 3, drop everyone into coverage blanketing the receivers, keep everything in the field of play, and most importantly, don't let any receiver get behind your deepest defender (like we did vs. Atlanta).

Prevent has it's place, it just has to be executed properly and only in the right circumstances. For example, you don't use prevent when the team only has to go 30 yards to kick a field goal. You do use it when a team has no timeouts and has to drive the length of the field to score a TD. You just can't fug it up like we did last week.

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AceMan    639

-Fletcher Cox will get a sack, but will be invincible the whole game. But, that sack will be enough for someone on the forum to scream that we should have drafted him instead of Kuechly

-Nnahmdi and DRC will each get an INT. Broadcasters will use that opportunity to bring up old Delhomme footage of suckery

-This will be a very hard game to watch offensively

-Jonathan Stewart will get a TD

-Kuechly will play amazing

-Vick and McCoy will both recover from their concussions to win a low-scoring game in the final 3 minutes

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DeeJay    1,280

John Gruden will leave the booth and coach this team in 2013..

Haha pfft I wish We gonna win 74-7

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