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Another look at Greg Roman tonight.

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Yeah he did. He just didn't want to open up to Harbaugh.

Exactly. If he wanna be cheap, he'll go out and tell the media he doesn't know who Cowher or Holmgreen are. Not saying they should be the next HC. Just an example.

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Their plays are similar to what Stanford was running when Harbaugh was there, and still running today. Yet this offense, I think the true mastermind behind it all is David Shaw. ^_^ We got to find a way to get Shaw here, we got to!

By the way, do yall see how the coaches let Kaepernick run a full pro offense? That is what Cam would look like if he had a competent staff. Stew and D-Will would look like Gore is looking right now. Smitty would probably still be a top threat. Instead we are having conversations about how all of our offensive weapons are washed up, all because of this sabotaging coaching staff.

I agree with nearly everything you said, but you left out something. The 49er's have a great offensive line. Unfortunately, even if the Panthers were running the same system and plays, our offense would still struggle due to the pathetic/inexperienced group of players we currently have up front.

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