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NBA says refs missed call late on us against Raptors

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I'm sure that wasn't the only missed call that game. That one just feels more "important" because it was at the end of the game. I hate when leagues do this, it accomplishes nothing. There are a handful of missed calls along the course of the game that can sway the outcome regardless of when it takes place in the game.

You have to let them play in that situation and it wasn't extremely blatant.

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Some of the comments in that section are dead on from other smaller market teams. Its really pisses me off that i watch blatant bias against the bobcats from teams like the celtics,lakers etc. and yet they come out with something like this.

Never heard a peep about the officiating after the grizzlies game. There were 2 blown calls against the cats at the end of the game.

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