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Album of the Year...

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What would be your album of the year?

Mine would have to be Lacuna Coil's "Dark Adrenaline". I can't stop listening to that album.


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I don't listen to mainstream music really, like any of the stuff that will actually win album of the year...

But in my opinion? My favorite album of the year off the too if my head would have to be Young The GIant's self titled album.

Can't post a link on my phone right now, but if you're into alternative music, the whole album is really great.

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I have two choices for me, personally, though most of you have probably never heard of either. They are Parkway Drive's "Atlas" and Hurt's "The Crux". From start to finish, both albums are flat out amazing to me. Parkway Drive delivers it's best album yet (which is saying something considering how good Horizons was) and Hurt, to me, delivers their 2nd best (Vol. II was such an amazing album that it is hard to top), but it is a VERY close 2nd.

Just to add, neither of these stand a chance at a mainstream award, but Parkway Drive could easily win some metal awards with this album (though, bands like BMTH and Black Veil Brides will SOMEHOW win most of them because the metal scene today is 13 year old emo kids).

I would post both, but only Parkway Drive has a full stream of the entire album on youtube (and it's Epitaph's official account, so don't feel guilty listening to it for free....like you would anyway, ya pirates).

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The Contortionist - Intrinsic

The Faceless - Autotheism

Between the Buried and Me - Parallax 2: Future Sequence

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