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Cool Pics/Video needed

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You are awesome! Just downloaded everything (you have to download the file converter along with the add-in) and managed to get a HD Panthers game video saved onto my USB in Windows Media Player format.


Even our specialist doesnt know how to do that.....boo is about to blow everyone's mind!

All thanks to my interwebz franz

Thanks Again!

Don't forget to toss your boy a hand once you make it to the top!

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B/c you are using a pooty browser (probably IE). Try firefox w/ the download helper add-in. Easy as pie.

Redtube and youporn approved!

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Wanted to tell you guys that my appointment there was super cool!

Got to see some internal things I shouldn't have that they use for coaching as well as some of the real actual game tape from Monday night.

Unbelievable the way they view their tape and review. They designed and wrote their own software for it....which is actually making my job a little harder but it's pretty cool either way.

Saw Ron got to say hey to him....we're tight like that lol

Saw Danny Morrison as well.

Saw Armanti too and Ron Edwards walking around with his sling on his elbow.

Overall a super awesome experience for me as a fan.

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