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We're looking at a top 3 pick, and as much as I'd like to trade that pick to

a team like the Redskins for multiple picks, this draft doesn't seem to

have a lot of players with that much worth.

However, Buffalo needs a QB.

And they've signed free agents to big money, which helps them let a draft

pick or two go.

And they will have a spot high enough in this draft for us to get the OT or DT we

would take anyway, and possibly pick up a 2nd rounder, or at least, get back

into the third.

The bad news is, the early stars from USC and WVU don't look as good as they

did at the start of the season.

We really need for some QB to have a great combine.....could be very good for us.

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I think everyone knows we won't be drafting a QB, so unless a QB needy team is right behind us I don't see us trading down.

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I dont think we will be getting a first 3 pick

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might not need one.

We know KC needs a QB...they'll take whoever they think is best....let's say Geno Smith.

The Jags need a QB as well, but maybe they don't like what's available at QB, and take

a sure thing like Jarvis Jones.

Raiders and Browns may do the great qb's, so take a Lotuleilei or Joeckle or Teo.

Does Philly draft a QB? I think a new coach will find a way to work with Vick.

So I'm thinking we have a good chance, not matter where we pick, to have the choice of the

second highest QB.

We need at least 2 qb's to blow up in the combine. Maybe Barkley redeems himself.

But even though this years QB's suck, we should be ahead of a number of teams who could

trade up to get the second best one....


perhaps the Jets?


there's a chance we could get a decent offer to move back from a desperate team...we just need some

QB's to start performing.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Alex Smith shipped off to a QB hungry team.

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    • Not to get too TB, but I've served in combat 7 times and I don't feel that veterans own the flag. I did fight for his right to protest. I personally don't feel offended by anything he's done...other than his inability to play the QB position effectively with consistency. The flag is a symbol of all of us. His protest was meant to bring awareness to a problem WITHIN our own country. How our fellow citizens were treated. That seems noble. Regardless of how you feel on the issue he brought up, his form of protest, from his perspective, seems rational. 
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