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Playstation Vita

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I bought the Liberation bundle on Amazon on Black Friday. The hardware on it is really amazing - the screen is stunning. Sadly there aren't many games available on the PS Vita and likely there never will be a great catalog, but it's an awesome portable media device.

I wish they'd focus on making Japanese RPGS for Vita. All I ever hear is how JRPGS cost too much to produce considering the low number of fans. Well Vita titles should be cheaper to produce and it'd give JRPG fans like myself a haven.

Other than that they could make puzzle games. They have to stop making these titles like AC3 liberation and Black Ops declassified. People will just play those type games on console and PC. Handhelds need quick paced arcade games designed specifically for them or older style games like JRPGS that cannot be produced for consoles due to production costs compared to demands.

Another thing is the Vita has a horrible camera, the 3DS does as well. I have a theory as to why they put these extremely poor cameras in the device. I think it's because they don't want kids using the device to take inappropriate photos. The costs of a better camera cannot be that much. My 3 year old cell phone which was a cheap, poor model even three years ago has a far better camera than the Vita.

Also the GUI is horrible but anyone who uses PS3 should be familiar with that by now.

I like that it has a trophy system but if the games aren't any good I'm not going to be bothering to acquire trophies.

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I also got the AC Liberation Vita bundle for $179 on BF. Great deal plus it included the all stars game download, 3 months of PlayStation plus, and $10 off AC3.

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