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Taliban Attack US Base in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

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I thought I would share this story as I was part of the Quick Reaction Force that took over and defended this base back in 2005. Built the abandoned airport from the ground up and judging by the current maps, it looks like a sprawling airport.

One of our main missions here was to ensure the Taliban did not return to Tora Bora and hide in their man caves.

Many memories at this place and so far 7 years later, looks like nothing changed.

34°23′57″N 70°29′58″E

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    • This makes sense to a degree with one big BUT... It's clear we'll be changing up our offense quite a bit this season - both due to the need for "evolution" and because of all the new players on offense we have to integrate - especially CMC & Samuel.  So, Stew needs more reps than he would have needed last year just to get in a rhythm with the new guys... Otherwise what you write makes sense. 
    • Already admitted i was wrong saying that, what I meant to write was he never learned to do it in college and makes it much easier to fall back into old habits in the pros. Was going back and edit that before I posted the thread and just forgot. And yes, every QB is going to be inaccurate at times, Cam is more inaccurate than the other top ten QBs, He just is, that's not his game,  didn't see anyone complaining about in 15. He makes up for it in other ways. And, no offense meant, didn't see a whole lot of Cam blaming in your post, actually, didn't see any. It was all someone else's fault. Cam has more difficult throws than many QBs because he frequently passes up easy throws for more difficult ones.  
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