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NCFAN's Wish list

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Rumors going around that St Louis may want to trade up. Would be hard to get them to package both first round picks But we should be able to get atleast a 3rd out of it.

FA: Glenn Dorsey- has not lived up to what many expected. Guy is more suited for 4-3 than 3-4 what KC has been running

1st: Johnathon Hankins- Hankins and Dorsey would really help our to DE's

2013 D:

DL: CJ, Hankins, Dorsey, Hardy

LB: Davis, Luke, Beason

DB: Norman, Godfrey, Martin, Gamble

2nd-Tavon Austin: Hope his size makes him drop to us in the early 2nd. LaFell and Gettis are servicable #2 WR and still young. Drafted Adams to return kicks but he hasnt looked as good as most hoped in his limited ammount of action. TA would push Adams in return duties, best case Adams steps up and you could have both back returning kickoffs. Let him sit under Smith, he could play 3rd wr in the slot in certain situations. Once Smith decides hes done playing TA can step right in for him.

3rd- Kyle Long: comes from good football family, good athlete, hasnt played that much in college due to playing minor league baseball so still a little raw. Sit him behind Gross for atleast a year and maybe he can replace in 2014.

4th-Joseph Fauria: 2 TE sets with Shockey looked good Cams rookie year. Fauria is a Big target who would look really good with Olsen. Good TE duo would help take some pressure off Cam.

5th- DJ Swearinger: Not sure if he will still be around for this pick if not, Travis Bond would be a good pick here

6th- Michael Dyer: not a popular pick due to off the field issues. Play behind Dwill and Stewart. If he does alright it would make cutting ties with Dwill. Played with Cam on Auburns BCS champions team.

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Not a bad draft.

But what rumor have come out that the Rams are wanting to trade up? What sources? Only sources about the Rams wanting to move up is either from me or other huddlers on here by wishful thinking.

And if we're going to trade with the Rams, I agree with you that no team is going to get both their 1st rounders unless if it's the team with the no.1 pick. But not just a "3rd". Itll be Atleast their 2nd.

I love Hankins as the 1st pick. With injury to Ron, we're going to realize that we need at DT of the future and not a franchise LT.

I seen a lot of recent mocks now having Tavon as a late 1st rounder. Hopefully he's there in the 2nd.

Last, I see Swearinger as a late 3rd to 4th. He's not going to fall out the 4th in no means.

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Long will be available way later IF he enters the draft. Heard he's trying to get Oregon to allow him to come back for another season.

I like TA a lot! But I don't want him before some of the other wideouts. We need a true #1 and I don't think Austin is or will be one. We need Allen, Hunter or Patterson. Then we can move Smitty to slot. That should extend his future here.

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