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Lets play cut 6 starters...

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Gary Williams


Gross (Yes I said it.)

Armanti Edwards

Gano (Draft one)

Personally I think Nortman will be ok, he's a rook. Give him all next season to see if he improves if not cut the guy.

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In no particular order:







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Gamble, because he would be a cap casualty.

Gary Williams, he plains sucks.

Nakamura, he sucks too.

Fua- he sucks also.

Gross- on the down slope, would save us some money.

Capt- He will hit FA and we wont bring him back, so let him walk.

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You are hired as the interim GM.

JR comes to you and says "Cut 6 current starters tomorrow".

Assume we can replace those starters with average starters in this league, who do you cut? What positions would be the biggest upgrade to just average?

My list...



Gary Turnstyle Williams




That is the group I would boot.

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I'm not going by starters on the depth chart, just guys I want gone or wouldn't mind going:

(1) Nakamura

(2) Armanti

(3) Fua

(4) Brad Nortman

(5) Hangman

(6) Ron Edwards

(7) Dwill

(8) Gamble

(9) Gross

Leaving via FA: Munnerlyn, Murphy, DA

2013 new additions:

(DT) Star / Hankins

(FS) Byrd / Goldshon

(CB) Cason / Sean Smith

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    • Has a visit with Carolina. Ran under a 7 second 3 cone drill. Underrated blocker, go watch him matched up vs Texas A&M. Reminds me of Jordan Reed and is bigger and faster than him when he entered the league     
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