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SZ James (banned)

Hey Kuntz

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test: *****

ah ***** is censored. ***** ***** *****

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I believe it is *****, 88 *****


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    • From what I saw in the Senior Bowl he won't be ready to play this year without getting Cam killed. I'd rather not take a project in the 2nd. Maybe 64, but I just am unsure about him. If this class had some actual top end guys, I think he'd get pushed down to the 4th. There are just too many other positions where we could be getting a CB, S, DE, RB or TE who in another year would be a 1st rounder/early 2nd. If we take this guy at 40, I'm pissed. 64, maybe. Depends on who we get at 8 and 40. I'd rather see if he falls to the 3rd. He's not that good yet and maybe he won't ever be.

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    • Bottom line is eventually it will come out Trump's wall talk has always been nonsense.  
    • And Stephen Davis was a 4th round pick. So you want to take a 4th round pick at #8.