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We beat the Falcons AND still keep top 5 draft pick.. WINNING!

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Star or Hankins would do wonders for our defense, pick up a FS in fa possibly and we have a top 10 possibly even top 5 defense next season.

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Not reading this whole thread just to see if this was already said. With the way things happened yesterday we are now picking 7th behind the lions and eagles. 5 win teams currently go up to pick 13. With what we saw from the team yesterday, I won't be surprised if we pick outside the top 15.

Wrong. we hold tiebreakers over Lions, Cards and Titans. We pick 5th as of now

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In the event of a tie draft order is decided by strength of schedule, the weaker the schedule the higher the pick. So in that case the order at this point is:

1. Kansas City (2-11) (.485)

2. Jacksonville (2-11) (.557)

3. Oakland (3-10) (.497)

4. Philadelphia (4-9) (.497)

5. Carolina (4-9) (.550)

6. Tennessee (4-9) (.554)

7. Detroit (4-9) (.560)

8. Arizona (4-9) (.563)

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I'm gonna believe the leagues site. It's gonna change anyway though.

That's fair, but your source isn't the draft order, just the standings. The draft order isn't just the inverse order of the playoff standings, the tie-breakers are different. Here's a link to the playoff tiebreakers: http://www.nfl.com/standings/tiebreakingprocedures

If you recall, we lost a draft spot based on a coin flip last year, they didn't take into account all those various scenarios to break the tie. It's based on opponent win percentage and if that's a tie then they literally flip a coin.

But you're right, it'll change a lot in the next 3 weeks; fortunately for us we have a relatively weak schedule the rest of the way.

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