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I'm Saying... No Crow For Cam Haters?

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That I am right once again. His pathetic Matt Cassell-esque stat padding in the 4th was a joke. I really don't have much to say otherwise about him. The D didn't do a good job getting pressure on Cam and we paid for it., This wasn't a well coached game, somehow, trash a** Rivera out-coached Smith. Killa Cam is better than Ryan. I can't believe any of you would argue otherwise. Killa is the most talented player in the game and if he had weapons outside of a flabbynsick.png version of Steve Smith, he would have a serious shot at breaking records at QB. His running backs are crap. His second best WR is Lafell, he like a more talented less polished version of Kerry Mirer.

This Atlanta fan probably owns a bunch of #7 jerseys. Atlanta fans are much easier to tolerate these days at the stadium than during the Vick era.

I love how Cam is playing lately.

I will feel much better about him after he leads a 2:00 drive to win a game. It seems to me that he plays best when the pressure is less. The high throws seem to come at the worst times. Some guys get better in crunch time. Cam isn't one of them...yet. He also needs to quit carrying the ball so loose when he runs.

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some could be calling him out even more now seeing just how much better he is playing now than before.

why the wait?

what could have been. he is playing very good right now. Like he did last season. no arguing that.


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Beating a dead horse calling out Cam haters?

Once again?

I am not sick of Cam but I am sick of you nut huggers..Take a day off

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Racist bastards can call me a hater because I hold Cam to the same standards as I would a white boy QB. I wll still count the bad throws.

Every QB in the history of the NFL has thrown "bad throws"

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