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SZ James (banned)

Why does "conservative humor" fail so badly?

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FurdTurgason    79

pretty simple really. comedy pushes boundaries. its antithesis is conservatism.

Not sure you have the right antithesis.

What's the difference between OJ and Christopher Reeve?

O.J.'s gonna walk.

This joke pushed boundaries and went over big with conservatives 18 years ago. Liberals were disgusted. Ten years later I saw someone post a picture of the Twin Towers with the caption "I'd hit it, twice!" Roles reversed on that one.

Humor is tragedy times time. How many times have you heard a Jewish joke referencing the Holocaust? Imagine hearing it in 1945.

This is a huge broad brush, but conservatives prefer jokes that poke fun at the poor and unempowered. Liberals prefer jokes that make fun of the rich and powerful. It's not more complicated than that, really.

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PhillyB    40,676

there being, of course, a difference between political conservatism (as it relates to the prism of issues and constituencies and voter blocs) and social conservatism (as it relates to establishment belief systems independent of specific ideological identity.)

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The phrase “only the truth is funny” was coined for a reason. When Conservatives try to play The Underdog, it simply comes off as false. Complaining that you have to pay taxes and you think poor people are lazy is hardly knee-slapping material. No one wants to laugh at the guy who is pretending to be a misfit while simultaneously patting himself on the back. It’s like a rich guy standing onstage and thinking it’s funny how he can only afford the BMW and not The Mercedes. How do you take the position that it sucks to be you when it clearly does not suck to be you?

Ever notice that all of the jokes about Clinton seemed to be about his sex life? There was a reason for that. It’s hard to joke about the guy who wants to help the less fortunate, even if you don’t think the less fortunate need your help. This is also why the people who attempt jokes about Obama tend to fail. It’s hardly funny to joke about the guy who clearly has his heart in the right place, even if his efforts do not always succeed.

So, if it surprises anyone that there is not more Right-Wing humor out there, ask yourself this simple question: When have you ever gone to a movie and rooted for the popular jock to beat the unpopular nerd?

The problem with so many Conservative comedians (and Conservatives in general) these days is that they’re so certain that they are the nerds, they’re completely clueless to the fact that they’re actually the jocks. Feeling like things aren’t as great for you as they used to be is not the same thing as actually being tread upon.

Don’t be surprised when David Letterman doesn’t seem to act like one of you, simply because his bank account makes him look like he is. He knows it doesn’t suck to be David Letterman.

this article goes a long way to show that forum poster madhatter might be the funniest conservative alive, if that tells you anything about conservative "humor"

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Delhommey    2,848

This is 7 pages now? I'm assuming Meat's spitball thesis has strained long past breaking point and we're now just telling dumb one liners.

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