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And now we know....

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it was a puzzle that needed unlocking

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Doesn't really answer anything other than what I've suggested in other theories. Imbalance of hormones does not determine whether someone is gay or not. It simply "builds" them into a person that through life experience feel more comfortable within this group or that. As the article suggests...

Rice and his team created a mathematical model that explains why homosexuality is passed through epi-marks, not genetics. Evolutionarily speaking, if homosexuality was solely a genetic trait, scientists would expect the trait to eventually disappear because homosexuals wouldn't be expected to reproduce. But because these epi-marks provide an evolutionary advantage for the parents of homosexuals: They protect fathers of homosexuals from underexposure to testosterone and mothers of homosexuals from overexposure to testosterone while they are in gestation.

"These epi-marks protect fathers and mothers from excess or underexposure to testosterone — when they carry over to opposite-sex offspring, it can cause the masculinization of females or the feminization of males," Rice says, which can lead to a child becoming gay.

The masculinization or the feminization doesn't not guarantee someone to be gay or straight...it simply predisposes their chances based on the assumption that they would feel more accepted within a certain group. The article also speaks to the identical twin dilemma where it would be 100% of both would be one or the other...never a hybrid. No bisexuals either. There's no genetic marker that will be a 1 or a 0 to determine sexual preference. It's a blend of enviromental upbringing coupled with genetic predisposition (in some cases) that I feel is what makes a person gay/straight.

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Figured just some dudes like cocks and some chicks like pussy

No need for science

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Conservatives need to prove that it's a choice and not scuence to quell their inner desires and demons.

If its a choice then they can tell themselves to like girls and they are "cured"

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Somewhat related I guess, but I really just wanted to post this song. Ignore it or listen, but pretty awesome stuff IMO.

Pretty much anything Macklemore is fairly awesome.

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