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Post your ideal GM/coacging combo, realistically

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GM: Ric Flair

HC: Bill Cowher

DC: Kevin Greene

OC: Who cares

Lets get some energy back in this house!

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HC : Anybody but Rivera

DC : Anybody but Sean McDermott and NO MORE NAKA

OF : Anybody but Rob Chi.


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GM/HC- Marty Schottenheimer

DC- Eric Washington

OC- Tom Cable

Flame away. Washington deserves a promotion and his guys have played well and inspired. Marty is the GOAT, Cable is tough, just the kind of staff we need.

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GM- Dave Gettleman...yeah, he's old, but he's accomplished. short of decosta, he may be the most qualified candidate

HC- Chip Kelly...yeah, college coach no NFL exp (i'll deal with that in a moment) yada yada yada...point blank, this guy is respected through the NFL as running the best practices in the football anywhere. he's known and respected by many in the league for his ingenuity and for those who think his offense can't work or that he'd be trapped into what he's doing now, please ignore the influence that he's had on the patriot's offense this year and the fact that the more prolific offenses have been running spread offenses for years. i don't like his lack of NFL exp, but fundamentally he has everything you need except pro experience which can be balanced by his coaching staff. btw...cam newton is pretty much ideal for his offense and newton's got some real good experience running his hurry up/no huddle fast paced offense (which is the biggest draw, tbh).

DC/Asst HC: ??? what i'm going for here is someone that has an aggressive D and has experience as an HC or at least assistant HC. as asst HC he'd help Kelly adjust to the NFL as far as what to expect with the rules and other subtleties that distinguish the pro level from the college level.

i have three at the top of my list. Jim Schwartz (who i think will be fired after the year because he can't control his players, but who is a very good and aggressive DC and his experience as an HC would be invaluable to Kelly), Dick Jauron (who i think will be available when the whole browns coaching staff is let go, but is still considered a very good defensive mind despite what the browns defense has been able to do this year. and then Winston Moss... promotion from LB coach. i think he's learned from among the best on not only running a defense but on running a team.

OC: again, i have no one name but i do have a desire for it to be someone with years of experience in the league. Kelly will probably be running the offense and calling the plays, but he does need someone to help run the show. i would actually prefer it be an OL coach who coaches a style that would be simpatico with Kelly's style of offense. top of my list, but probably not realistic is Dante Scarnechia (OL/Asst HC from the Pats). he's been there for a very long time but there's no doubting he knows how to make an OL successful. i just see no reason he'd want to leave the pats. Pat Flaherty, OL coach from the giants. he's had that job since 2004 and he's done pretty well, don't ya think? James Campen from the packers, Tom Cable from the seahawks, and Aaron Kromer from the saints would be others i'd like.

oh...and i want chris weinke to be the QB coach. thanks.

Lock it up, Championship.

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