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If anyone is still on the fence about watching ESPN, this should help you decide

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I'm black and I understand what Rob was trying to say but he went to far when he basically called him an Uncle Tom. In these interviews RG3 does seem to alway want to disassociate himself with whom he is ..a running quarterback that happens to be black. He didn't want to be compared to Cam, he doesn't want to be known as a running qb but every chance he gets that exactly what hes doing, and he is always bringing up the race card. I don't agree with Rob using his soon to be wife ethnicity or his political stance as his evidence that hes not black enough but I could see what he saying. It not like what Cam said last year about not wanting to be Jamarcus Russell or Vince Young because that had to do more work ethnic.

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Yeah.. You know your race-baiting is a total fail when a card-carrying NAACP Jigaboo like Stephen A. Smith wont go along with you.

Ban this piece of shit please.

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