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Want To Astral Project? or Just Heal 100%? Try This

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Flotation therapy is an alternative therapy with exciting results...

Flotation therapy has a mystique associated with it. The image of people floating in soundproof tanks of water recalls cult science-fiction films like " Altered States", and the mystery of changes in consciousness. But what is the reality and how can flotation therapy improve health?

Flotation therapy is essentially a process of sensory isolation. Dr. John C. , and American neuro-physiologist and psychoanalyst developed the sensory isolation tank in 1954. He was well known for his research into the between dolphins and human beings. His experiments centered on the reaction of the human being to sensory deprivation. What he found was amazing. Instead of the brain going into a sleep state, he found that the mind in fact becomes more active and increases its imaginative and problem solving abilities. After the discoveries made by Lilly and others, flotation tanks were installed in clinics in a number of U.S. cities. They also became popular in many European cities.

Flotation therapy is essentially a process of placing the body into a state of total relaxation. This usually occurs in a specially constructed bath. The water has salts and minerals dissolved into the bath to enable the body to float. There are close similarities between this form of therapy and eastern techniques of meditation. Floatation therapy is really based on a single important principle. While we are active in the ordinary world, we experience stress and conflict that is incorporated into our daily routines and habitual patterns of activity. These habitual patterns often become locked into neurotic and energy depriving actions. Some people smoke, or drink to cope with this " normal" situation of and tress.

The flotation tank is a therapeutic area that breaks these habitual responses and reactions, and allows the mind and body to regenerate their natural energy without interference from the patterns of the outside world. These days most flotation tanks, which usually measure between eight feet long and four feet wide, are installed in health clubs. The flotation sometimes takes place in complete darkness. There are a number of additional techniques used to enhance relaxation. Some institutions housing flotation tanks may play relaxation tapes or there may be a two-way microphone enabling conversation with a practitioner.

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How does Flotation Therapy work?

The actual way in which this therapy works is not clearly known. What is known is the way in which it reduces stress. The patient lies in a tank for up to two hours without any physical stimulation whatsoever. The body has nothing to react to; therefore the levels of stress hormones, like epinephrine or adrenaline, as well as the cortisol in the blood, are reduced. This therapy also has another effect in that the endorphins or natural painkiller hormones increase, providing a state of deep relaxation. Stress disorders are reduced and are unlikely to manifest themselves under flotation therapy. can also be controlled through the release of the endorphins that this therapy produces.

The process works in the following way in the case of. Because the endorphins, released through deep relaxation, stop the pain from a chronic ailment for reaching the brain, the muscles and healing takes place much more rapidly. This therapy can aid patients suffering from ailments like arthritis.

Psychological ailments can also be assisted and even cured through flotation therapy. This is especially the case when treating obsessive and addictive behavior. This is due to the fact that this type of behavior is often initiated and exacerbated by stress.

In the treatment of ailments related to psychotherapy there have been developments in flotation therapy. One of these is aptly named REST. REST is an acronym for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, a name developed in the late 1970's. There are two categories to this therapy. The Wet therapy utilizes flotation in salt water, while in the Dry therapy a modified REST environment is created. This second therapy separates the floater from the water with a 15-mm.-polymer membrane.

Flotation therapy is a powerful relaxation inducer. The disorders that have been helped through this therapy include hypertension, muscle tension headache, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, -physiological problems and even PMS.

Flotation and performance enhancement

One of the most exciting aspects of this therapy is the possibility that it holds out for increasing performance and skills. There have been a number of cases that seem to indicate that floatation therapy has resulted in enhancements in scientific creativity, as well as in artistic and sports performance. Imagery training is sometimes used in conjunction with flotation therapy.


There are a number of precautions that one should be aware of before taking flotation therapy. It may not be advisable to undergo flotation therapy if you have a history of psychosis or other psychological disorders. This also includes claustrophobia, as this phobia may be increased by the confines of the flotation tank. The salts used in this form of therapy may have an adverse affect on some skin conditions. Consult with your doctor if this is the case before embarking on a course of flotation therapy.

Never do floatation therapy without direct supervision of a specialist.

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I've read on this before, supposedly your brain is trippy while your in there like a dreamscape but your awake. I would be interested in giving it a whirl except it's not like you can find one in the yellow pages

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There's a place up in huntersville called buoyance that has a sensory deprivation tank

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if these let you heal 100% why does Rogan have bad ACLs and hair plug scars

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Because the endorphins, released through deep relaxation, stop the pain from a chronic ailment for reaching the brain, the muscles and healing takes place much more rapidly.

now that's some science.

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