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Phone Signal/Service Suddenly Gone

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Anyone else have this problem? We moved to our new home over the summer and got great signal out here all the way up until yesterday.

My phone keeps showing 4 bars then as soon as I go to send a text or start calling someone it drops to no bars and shows I have no signal. Even when I'm not using it, the phone periodically makes the "lost signal" tone.

What would cause this? Like I said, we were up around 4 bars regularly everyday up until yesterday.

I have a theory that probably isn't anywhere near accurate, but here it is... The highway leading up to our neighborhood had great reception as well when we moved out here. Then, they started construction on it around October and then I started noticing a dead spot right where the construction was going on. All they are doing is expanding the road, but for whatever reason, once they started that construction, calls started dropping everytime we drove through that spot.

Now, I'm not getting service or signal in my home. Anyone have any experience with something similar? Any possible solutions with my current carrier or will I just have to switch?

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