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lol ESPN...

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Has been mighty quiet lately about Cam Newton.It's like when he sucks he's the #1 topic on SC,but when he is great they show 1 highlight and skip to the next game.These mofo's are a joke,they clearly want to tear Cam down and make him another Jamarcus Russell,but "ACE BOOGIE" isn't going to let that happen.

Cam keep swaggin on dem duck @$$ ESPN haters!

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Good. Remember when Cam went media-silence while at Auburn? Still successful. I don't care if we even get highlights shown. I know my guy has a total of like, 17 TDs to 2 turnovers the last 7 games. fug ESPN. Just keep winning baby. Make it a habit. Then once we get all the pieces in to succeed consistently for the next 10 years or so, we'll have the last laugh.

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