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TopCat's Very First Official Offseason Mock

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Now i'ma go out and say that I am a genius and all of this will be true.

First of all Chico isn't going anywhere at this rate unless we lose to the Raiders and get the Saints beat us by 50. However Chud will be gone as he takes the HC job in Philly, yaaay, and we will do what we do best and steal from the Chargers and hire....

offensive genius Norv Turner


Yes that is Norv

Oh yeah our GM will be Jesus Christ himself Marc Ross.


Ross will begin his reign of RossMagic by trading away DWill (i'll miss him) to the Packers for a 3rd and one of their meany WRs, lets just go with James Jones.

Then he'll go and sign FS Jairus Byrd.

Onto the draft.

I assume we'll be picking somewhere between 9-14 so.

1st round - WR Keenan Allen- Cal, dude is a stud, if healthy he's definitely the pick. Plus he went to Cal and you know Rivera loves his Cal dudes.


2nd round - S Phillip Thomas- Fresno State, Need to get some ball hawks in that secondary back there, and this guys can help. Hopefully. He lead the NCAA with 8 INTS this year and we just really need a safety.


3rd Round (from GB) - OT Ricky Wagner - Wisconsin - Well, we can try to compete him at LT with Gross and you can never go wrong with a Wisconsin offensive linemen, he protected Russell Wilson's blind side and he's just pretty big.


4th Round - RB Kenjon Barner - Oregon - This guy scores TDs and if he drops to us I wouldn't mind picking him up, even in the 3rd. Since Dwill is gone we need someone with some speed in the backfield.


5th Round - TE Joseph Fauria - UCLA - We go ahead and draft this tall guy who catches passes to give Cam a huuuge target. I think we all know Rivera doesn't trust Barny even though i'm sure we all like him but hey whateves.


6 Round - K Dustin Hopkins - Florida State - I wanted to go with the best kicker, Cairo Santos from Tulane but he's a junior and junior kickers don't typically come out so we go for this guy, he still kicks balls so if he sucks we get Cairo next year.


Roster Projection


QB - Cam, Derek, Jimmeh

RB - JStew, Kenjon Barner*

FB - Tolbert

WR1 - Smitty, James Jones, Murphy, Joe Adams

WR2 - Keenan Allen*, Brandon Lafell, Keke Pilares (RIP Gettis)

TE - Greg Olsen, Joseph Fauria, Garry Barny

LT - Ricky Wagner*

LG - Amini Silatolu

C - Ryan Kalil

RG - Jordan Gross

RT - Byron Bell


DE - CJ, Alexander

DT - Dwan Edwards

DT - Fua (probably to start)

DE - Hardy, Keiser

OLB - Beason, Anderson

MLB - Keuchly

OLB - Davis

CB - Chris Gamble

CB - Josh Norman, Captain Munnerlyn

S - Jarius Byrd

S - Phillip Thomas*

Special Teams

K - Dustin Hopkins*

P - Brad Nortman

KR - Keke Pilares

PR - Joe Adams

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if we were able to bring in James Jones and Jarius Byrd....why would we go WR and S with our first 2 picks?

Exactly lol. Maybe he realized how unrealistic that would be to sign both so he has us drafting the same position.

I love how everyone's mocks are starting to have the obligatory fauria TE pick and Hopkins K pick.

And HELL no to a fugging running back, you have to be kidding...

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1. Trade D-WIll for a 3rd? (MJ laughing GIF)

2. Trade D-Will for a 3rd AND James Jones? You're clearly joking, so okay.

3. Sign Byrd, then draft a Safety...in the 2nd? Um, whaaat?

4. Getting James Jones in this scenario, you would have to think we put off WR for another year. Not go for one in the 1st.

5. Draft a RB. Get outta here, Hurney.

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No way in hell we get James Jones and a 3rd for Dwill. GB is low on receivers next year with Jennings and probably Driver leaving.

I hate the Phillip Thomas pick in the 2nd. Better Safties still available IMO. And why sign Byrd and draft another safety?

And where's the DT? Fua? Seriously?

Though I like the Norv Turner and hopefully Ross move, and not Brandon Beane.

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If we get a 3rd AND James Jones for DWill, Marc Ross should be arrested for rape.

Also need to get someone in for Fua who should get cut @ season's end. whether by FA or draft. No need for Byrd and Thomas with a 2nd. Don't need a RB that high IMO.

Also I'll put Thomas ahead of Norman for CB2 on the depth chart.

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