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Game 26: Charlotte Bobcats (7-18) @ Golden State Warriors (17-9)

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As everyone know's the Cats are still struggling to get that 8th win. Tonight will be a really difficult match-up. The Warriors have a very nice, young nucleus in Stephen Curry, Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson along with some good veteran players in David Lee, Jarrett Jack, Carl Landry, and Richard Jefferson.

If the Cats want to be competitive they have to guard the three tonight because that's where this Warriors team makes its' living.

Key to the Game: Limit GSW three's and run out's, play at your own pace.

Matchup's to watch: MKG vs Harrison Barnes, Kemba Walker vs. Stephen Curry

Bobcats Starting Lineup

PG- Kemba Walker

SG- Gerald Henderson

SF- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PF- Byron Mullens

C- Bismack Biyombo

Warriors Starting Lineup

PG- Stephen Curry

SG- Klay Thompson

SF- Harrison Barnes

PF- David Lee

C- Festus Ezeli

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MKG looking good early.

Also it's nice to see another post presence in the game. Biz and Warrick working down low.

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Also of note, Tyrus Thomas is still out, Gordon isn't playing (not sure why), Haywood might not be playing (not sure why).

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Hakim Warrick playing well, the Warriors call a time out as the Cats take the lead 20-17. Anyone watching tonight's game?

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    • Love the Cobb comparison, and Samuel could even be better.   Here are comparable measurements....   Cobb-- 5'10, 191 lbs, 31 arm length, 9 3/8 hands, 4.46 40yd, 16 bench, 33.5 vert, 115 broad, 7.08 3 cone, 4.34 shuttle Curt-- 5'11, 195 lbs,  31.25 arm length, 9 1/2 hands, 4.31 40yd, 18 bench, 37 vert, 119 broad, 7.09 3 cone, 4.33 shuttle   the only thing Cobb beats him in is the 3 cone drill. Curtis beats Cobb in every other measurable, and is taller and 5 lbs bigger. They even have similar birthdays and were drafted at 20 yrs old each, cobb turned 21 in august of his rookie year, Samuel will be 21 in august.