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Anybody ever take a Molly?

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You have to be careful with molly, mdma, x, as it greatly increases serotonin in the brain. I was on anti depression meds a while ago, and I was making sure any of my rec drugs would not cause an issue. Molly could have killed me. Anti depression meds work on serotonin receptors in the brain, so if you take molly with a med like that you can die from serotonin overdose.

Drugs are bad, but what is worse is being uninformed and ignorant to the affects that can occur.

And of course, trying hard drugs opens up the door way for other hard drugs. I am a weekend warrior type, I dont do the molly but I like to shoot up coke and H. And I went through DARE and all that stuff. If you want a ride, molly is fun, but it doesn't hold jack to a speedball.

Now I am all jonesing

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lost my face quite a few times with Mollys, but its been years...

I was always told that Molly was lots cleaner than presstabs, only ate them thrice. The ones I would get were in capsules, supposedly straight MDMA...

Test kits used to be available at dancesafe.org, theyd tell you what you were actually taking. People would try to pass all sorts of shtuff off as X, gotta know what youre taking, nahmean?

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