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Peter King shows his colors again

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On Cam and the ref - Cam was getting a little pissed at getting some constant pressure in his face and on that play felt the Raider player drove him into the ground. It didn't really look like it but I could see Cam feeling that way. The whole game was very chippy and rough on both sides. Cam got up ready to yell at the ref who was looking right at the play. Cam didn't realize the ref was less than a foot away from him when he jumped up and the ref walked into him as Cam leaned forward. It reminded me of an NBA play when an player pump fakes, gets the defender in the air and then step under him to draw a foul. Cam instantly realized how close he was and walked away. Ref made the right call. Incidental contact but you can't even accidentally touch a ref while yelling at him and not get a flag.

Cam is arrogant but show me an NFL QB who isn't. You have to be to succeed. For whatever reason, real or imagined, Peter King decided early on that Cam needed to be taken down a peg and should show a little more respect for his elders. King never outright slanders him but runs with every possible thing that Cam says or does that could be twisted or misinterpreted in a negative light.

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Lots of reasons to dislike some of these reporters, PK included.

Best not let your emotions get the better of you around the officials though.

Anyone touching the refs runs the risk of a costly penalty.

Ask Steve.

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I'm with Pereira on this one.

I don't think it warranted an ejection, but yes, by rule he could have been thrown out. You can't do that.

Thankfully, that incident was one of the few times today when Jerome Boger was easygoing.

Well said

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In all honesty, I would like to know what's with the racial undertones to how Cam and RG III are being treated by the media? Cam is intentionally being painted by a predominate amount of white writers and reporters in the sports media as the next VY, complete with immaturity issues, and lacking in intelligent. Where is such obvious racism stems from? I guess the ESPN spun Pay-for-Play and Cam automatically being that culprit in a computer thief during his freshman year at UF.

How are folks like Peter King defending their argument against Cam, by taking every ish he does and putting a negative spin on it and labeling it as "concerns" or Cam's "immaturity issues." Got to make their boy Nolan's vicious character attack of Cam be proven right. Nevermind when QBs like Luck, Matthew and Blaine, show any kind of emotions it's rewarded with them showing "good leadership skills." Nevermind there is usually more to the story surround the incident with Cam. But who care, it's Cam and it's the sports folks job like Peter King to show Cam who's boss.

On the other extreme of the racial pendulum is RG III. The media going out of their way to praise him, you know as so "smart" and because he's raised by a "military" parents," projected as well mannered. You know, clearly being portrayed as the Anti-Cam on every level. BTW, does anyone know Luck's college GPA or much about parents? Not really...But the media has gone out of their way to give RG III the McNabb treatment, while Cam gets the VY treatment.

And like Cam, the RG got his share of racial jabs about his " QB skills" and whether the fans really want him over the more acceptable white QB. Skip Bayless, in August, wondered outloud if the "white" Redskins fans would prefer Cousins over RG III because RG is "colored." Yes, we're still having such discussions in this time and age. Then you had Rob Peter wondering outloud last week, if RG III was a "cornball." I guess that's another words for a black guy who feels he's white because he has a white girlfriend. I don't know. But amazing that Rob got suspend by ESPN but the forever race baiting Skip didn't get as much as a slap on his hand. I guess if you pose the so called "concerns" about Cam and RG III in a form of a question, it makes it okay to play the race card and get away with it. Amazing!!! I guess that is why something like..."Why is Cam sitting there with a towel on his head?" Then gets turned into Cam having immaturity issues and his every action monitored like he's some run away "thug."

I thought this was the 21 Century. I wish folks would stop acting like racism does not exist in the NFL when they go out of their way to keep it alive in a the form of silly "concerns" and "questions." It's people like Peter King, and Skip Bayless who feed the silly race baiting and amazingly enough, get away with it. They are either justified when they go to far or rewarded for their behavior while folks, like some on here, just copy them with their own irrespnsible behavior.

What exactly did Cam do today that makes him a "thug" or "immature?" He acted like a human being and showed some emotion like all the other QBs when they get frustrated, so what. At least he did the manly thing and apologizes to the Ref for over-reacting. Still waiting for Peter King to apologize to Cam for throwing him under the bus during the draft so he could become part of a story.

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