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For those of you with high end PCs

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Feel free to go to my team's website and download our game. It was a student based project with 15 developers and a sound engineer. I would highly recommend plugging in an Xbox 360 controller to play the game.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially on the Green Northern Residences level. That was the one I designed and I'm hoping to learn as much as possible from this experience.

Just go to the download section of our website if you're interested. We also have a trailer that may come in handy if you're wondering if Voodudes is something you would like.


Merry Christmas Huddle <3

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looks good. maybe you could get it greenlit on steam.

It's something we've kind of talked about but I'm not sure if the team is willing to go through with it. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

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it looks great was this a senior project or a design class?


At the Guildhall we have individual projects as well as three team games we work on over our 2 years at the program. Our first two team game making projects have smaller teams and less ambitious ideas.

Then for our final team based project our class breaks off into teams of around a dozen and makes a game over a 4 month period. For Voodudes it was 15 members of our class and basically the equivalent of our senior project

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