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SZ James (banned)

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cookinwithgas    7,588

comments on this from my nice conservative friends:

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    If he had a gun then he would have been just another armed dope dealer...
    20 hours ago · Like

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    And if he had a brain, he'd be the Scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ lolo

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PhillyB    40,715


someone just posted this gem and the following conversation has ensued:

PhillyB: obama signed ~140 executive orders, not 900+

OP: 140 is still extremely high.

PhillyB: sure it is. but it is not "923 in 3.5 years" which changes to scope of the argument entirely. fact-checking is extremely important in an age where anything is accepted as fact as long as it's on the internet.

OP: where did you get those numbers? AND DON'T SAY THE INTERNET

^^^^^ 15 "likes" by idiot cheerleaders

PhillyB: are you implying there's no difference between factual sources and unfactual sources on the internet?

OP: you won't state where you got that number so you pulled it out your ass! and there is no difference between 140 and 923!

PhillyB: *list of corrobrating sources*

OP: *silence*

this one has my jimmies rustled

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wait so i'm expected to believe that this employer had 60 people on payroll that weren't actually needed to meet the demand of the market? or am i supposed to go into this believing in supply side economics and other dumb poo that isn't real?

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