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SZ James (banned)

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Yeah, but It would take 8000 redwoods to print a trillion dollar bill, so I say it's worth it.

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this is the last off topic thing I'll post itt:

Speaking as a conservative former republican who voted for W in 2000, if the Republicans wanted respect they would have hammered W for his fukkups instead of defending them. W was SO inept and screwed us up SO much that a large group of people that defended him, apologized for his actions, and made excuses for what happened under his leadership are going to have to do some damage control before they have any credibility. Sadly, the cause behind all of these protests is noble. It's correct. It's right and it's just. However, as a largely Republican protest, it's 5 or 6 years too fuging late. When the story is told, Iraq will cost us in total as much or more than the Banking corruption. Republicans defended that. It was BS from the beginning. If I could sense that it was BS, what was the rest of the world thinking? It was SHART!!! The Iraq war was shart. The whole thing. The lame brains that defended at it's origin deserve every bit of ridicule they get, even though at this point they all say "I never defended it." W may have been the result of a rise in Republican party dominance, but his administration's complete and total ineptitude blew that all away like pushing all your chips to the center of the table when all you have is 8 high.

Part of me would like to grieve for the republican party, but its a small part. They screwed real conservatives over, they made real conservatives out to be racists, idiots, populists, and anything else you can imagine that would basically degrade a group of people. They came up with Freedom Fries. They shouted "Why do you hate America?" I hope they fail. I hope they fail and I hope they die.

I never could figure out why the Dems ran such a caricature idiot almost-Bush as John Kerry. Now I know. Kerry was an idiot and a near-beer Bush. His loss solidified W's final 4 years of ineptitude and pushed the pendulum to the right even further than has ever been imagined. That set us up for a swift left-ward swing (which surprisingly we haven't really seen yet, and hopefully never will) and an overall hatred of conservatives. Now, thanks to the W Republicans, conservatives are bigots/traitors/idiots to the lowest common denominator bloggers/forum-posters on the left.

I don't like it, it's not right at all, but after 8 years of W and the Republicans, I sadly understand. That doesn't mean that the LCD lefties are going to be free from the subjection (speaking strictly in regards to the forum haunters) of logical thought, but it DOES mean that occurrences like the tea parties are going to be nearly impossible to defend by moderate conservatives.

The right made it's bed, and it looks pretty stupid throwing 5-years-late tea parties.

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anyway back to politics memes

This is totally untrue about Hannity.

That shitslinging dumbfug couldn't have a intelligent thought

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