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Why you think Ron Rivera should stay (or go)? --POLL--

Why you think coach should go..?  

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  1. 1. What reason do you have to keep him?

    • He has earned it during the past few games
    • because it might be 2 steps back if we put Cam and Co. in new system
    • because there is no one better out there
    • because our defense is top 10 with scrubs and half the team on IR
    • other (explain)
    • I do not thonk Rivera should return

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no. more. Rivera.

New coach= set back a year? More like Rivera failre= set back a year.

Rivera failure next year= set back two years.

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- Two losing seasons in a row

- Little to no improvement record-wise in those two years

- Inability to adjust in game or before

- Emotionally distant

- Misuses talent

- Puts good talent in the doghouse over single mistakes and instead puts mediocre talent in

- Refusal to can inept schemes when it's clear they don't work

- Think's it's cool to be emotionally distant all season and then wants to start chewing out his players after he finally manages to win. Really? You had NO RIGHT to act like that all season and then act like hot poo after one victory when your career is a failure

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He should have put his foot down with Chud sooner; I would like a coach who can adjust as the year progresses not at the end or during the off season. I have said it before but I would like to have a HC with a little fire in his belly, not a Rex Ryan type but someone who has a little more than Rivera. If they can’t find anyone who is better than Rivera then kept him and look to replacing Chud, I think they could be better separate.

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If you had a few minutes, could you name 5 coaches that are available and are better than Ron Rivera?

Yea, I knew you could..

As far as Cam goes, he learned an offense in one year at Blinn, Auburn, and Carolina. He can do it again, easily..

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Here's the thing.

The GM should be drafting for his HC.

What has Rivera done to warrant returning? Don't give me "Well he should come back for a third year, but be on a short leash". That wastes the 2013 draft - we'll be drafting players that fit the current system. If Rivera disappoints again and is fired suddenly you have 3 or 4 2nd year players that the new HC doesn't have any investment in.

Sack Rivera. Wipe the slate clean. Let the new GM bring in his own man and let him live or die by his own choices, not Hurney's.

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