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Do not want Chip Kelly after this rumor....

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#61 SZ James (banned)

SZ James (banned)

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 12:58 AM

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 01:00 AM

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you know I think I'll do the same. When he's a Super Bowl champ in 5 years I'll def revisit this

#63 carpanfan96


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Posted 28 December 2012 - 01:49 AM

Yeah it's rare.

Jimmy Johnson - before Jerruh decided he should be the acting GM and blew JJ out. How's that working for you Jerruh?
Mike Holmgren, but I think he also suffered burn out.
Bill Parcless in various scenarios.
Anybody else?

Pete Carrol is vp and hc. A few here in Carolina and a few others over the last 10-20 years. Aside from jj and caroll no ones really been overly successful at it.

#64 KJ89


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Posted 28 December 2012 - 10:03 AM

you know I think I'll do the same. When he's a Super Bowl champ in 5 years I'll def revisit this


#65 weymouthst


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Posted 28 December 2012 - 11:03 AM

Kelly would make the offense crazy. Defense, well I don't know about that.

But it seems like in this day and age it is better to invest in offense, and not spend high draft picks, trades, and big money on defense.

Think about it though....if your offense is able to score 30+ a game regularly, then fug defense. All you need is an opportunisitc defense, one that has speed, talent, and play makers. Trying to withhold teams in the NFL from dipping and dunking down the field is stupid.

Listen, good teams are going to come out and take care of business. Sure, every team has bad games, I am talking about consistentcy. Packers, Patriots, Falcons, Giants, Steelers, Saints. What do these teams have in common? They consistently are vying for a superbowl trip, playsoffs, what have you. What else? Very good QB, WR corps, decent running backs (scrubs or contract guys, doesn't matter they move the ball), basically offensive minded teams. Fug defense! You can do your best, but it doesnt make any sense to heavily invest in defense. It just doesn't. Guys get hurt, they arent worth the money to give contracts to.

Offense guys are protected. Defense guys just throw their bodys at people. Offense guys need to be more talented. It just doesnt take as much effort to be good at defense. Defense guys have the advantage on the field.

What I am trying to say here, and I havent done a very good job, is this:

Offense is taking over in the NFL. It doesn't make sense to heavily invest in defense coaches, players, and contracts. Take that money and throw it at offense as much as possible. Defense should be opportunistic, not shutdown. Teams are going to score, so don't delay the inevitable and leave your offense hurting in talent and players. Pay a couple game changers on defense, fill the rest with low pay, young, ambitious guys.

Por Example: We pay CJ way too much. Beasons contract is lame. Now we have Kraken up and coming, Keek coming along. We are old on DT, and Gamble at corner( who makes too much for his ability).

What do we get? Not much. We lose late in games. Our offense is almost good enough to keep up, but the money invested in defense that sucks is just taking away from the offense.

#66 Happy Panther

Happy Panther

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 12:34 PM

I think everyone is getting ahead of themselves We've decided that chip kelly is going to be a star NFL head coach with no NFL experience but will not be able to evaluate talent in the NFL. Why not?

We have a GM consultant to determine this as part of the interview process. Chip Kelly should be on a jet here on January 4th and if he is that good we do our best to work with him. IF he isn't then there it is.

If history repeats itself we will not even look at the guy to our detriment.

As someone else said our last GM was a journalist to start before the Redskins saw something they liked and made him a PR guy.

There is nothing magical about the whole GM setup in the NFL and no reason why any team has to copy the other 31 teams in the league.

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 12:52 PM

Yes...........please book mark this thread.

actually, I think it should be "sticked" forever.

#68 MtnJax


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Posted 28 December 2012 - 01:10 PM

I'd give him that deal. What is the difference between recruiting players that fit your system in college and having control over personnel decisions on players that are going to come into your system in the pros?

#69 Mr. Scot

Mr. Scot

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 01:34 PM

I'd give him that deal. What is the difference between recruiting players that fit your system in college and having control over personnel decisions on players that are going to come into your system in the pros?

I've heard more than one NFL GM say emphatically that they hate, hate, hate when coaches insert themselves into the scouting process.

The NFL is an extremely specialized workplace. NFL teams have entire systems where guys watch loads of film or scout directly. they're trained to look at the whole picture, strengths, weaknesses, intangibles, character, etc. But what often happens with NFL coaches is they'll catch a few highlight reels or look at a guy's measurables and immediately say "I want that guy". And the result is usually a disaster.

What GMs want from a coach are guidelines, general ideas about the kind of player they want and the system they plan to run. They can work with that. As far as the actual scouting process though? They'd prefer the coaches keep their noses out.

#70 The_Light_Brigade


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Posted 28 December 2012 - 01:48 PM

The only problem I can see coming from this (and I've said it before about CK) is that if he has control over personell, and in the unfortunate situtation he gets canned, its only going to be harder to transition to a new HC. Just like if he would change the whole practice and training regimine he would do the same to the way we scout players, looking to fit his system. Though I suppose there's always some kind of change in philosphy when new coaches come in, I would argue that what Chip brings would be even more of a change from the traditional coach. With all of that said I think a normally conservative franchise and fanbase should embrace the change become exactly what the NFL wants you to be and that is a point scoring juggernaut. Also if you bring a good enough DC you might even be able to keep a mediocre defense.

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